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We’d appreciate it if you wore a mask while visiting our store.

Please Note: We are open from 11am to 5pm Friday April 15th.

Immortal Brush Miniature Painting Contest

Wow what a great turn out for Immortal Brush paint contest. We had seventy-nine fantastic entries. Congratulations to everyone who got an entry in!

To make the difficult choice of who is awarded first place in each category we recruited our favourite judge panel:

Legion M: Creator of Interloper Miniatures

Toren A: Concept artist for Interloper Miniatures

Chad L: Model painter for Interloper Miniatures

Our judges all commented on how hard the contest was to judge this year. So many GREAT entries!

Here are the winners

Sci-Fi / Modern- Large Figure:  Kevin Ling

Sci-Fi / Modern- Five Figures: Kelly Kim

Fantasy / Historical – Large Figure: Arthur Nicholson

Fantasy / Historical – Five Figures:  Arthur Nicholson

Diorama: Matthew Beavis

Customer Vote: Kevin Ling (Sigvald, Prince of Slaanesh)

Thanks to everyone for entering!

November 2022 we will be hosting the Immortal Brush paint contest again! Start working on your entries now!

Monday April 11th: -You may stop by and pick up your entry.

                                                -Winning entries are on display in the shop.

Thursday April 14th & 15th: -Random draw announced. We will email or call you.

Friday April 15: We will post pictures of the winning entries on our web site (look under the events tab). Scroll down to see pictures.

Table Bookings to play games!

We're now welcoming back in-store gaming in a limited capacity.

You may book a table to play any miniature wargames or board games. We have lots of gaming terrain on hand and a shelf of board games to try. 

-Up to six participants (no spectators)

-We'd appreciate it if you wore a mask but we do not require you to wear a mask

To book a table, please call the shop. We will require the first/last name and phone number of the person booking a table.

-You may book up to five days in advance.

Each booking may be made for the following times:

Thursdays: 4pm to 6:30pm

Fridays: 4pm to 6:30pm

Saturdays: 10:30am to 1:30pm & 2pm to 5pm

Sundays: 12pm to 3pm 

We are now offering a 3D print service.
We can print models you created from Heroforge.com or other sources.
Models will be printed with a high quality resin, perfect for painting!
Here is how it works:
Step One: You bring us a stl or obj file saved on a USB drive.
Step Two: We will call you in 7-10 days when your print is done.
It is that simple!
Human sized model: $6
Large humanoid: $7
Larger models: You will receive a quote before printing.


If you would like to have events and new release information emailed to you, please email the shop (don’t forget to include your First & Last name) and we will get you on the list.


Please let us know the email lists you would like to be on.

  1. General Store (RPG, Miniatures & Board Games): events and releases. (Monthly)
  2. Warhammer 40k: events and releases (1-4 times a month)
  3. Age of Sigmar: events and release (1-4 times a month)

Pictures of Immortal Brush Paint Contest April 2022 Winning Entries