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Sunday, March 7th, 2021

D&D Adventure Party Painting and Story Contest.

Paint five adventurers and tell us their story!

Painting Contest Details

- 5 Figures.

- All models must be from the Wizkids miniature line. You may re-paint pre-painted models

-You may convert the models if you wish.

Story Guidelines

Write a short story about your adventure party.

-Story can be no more than 500 words

How to enter?

Email your entry to info@strategiesgames.ca.

-Title email “Adventure Party Contest”.

-Include your story in the email

-You may submit one photo of your adventure party. Send as an attachment JPEG. Save the file with your first and last name.


Contest winners will be announced: Monday March 15th by; email, STRATEGIES Event page and STARTEGIES Facebook page.

-Best Overall entry

-Runner up story

-Runner up painting

-Random draw prize

We are super lucky to have Lisa Smedman us our guest judge!!!!!

Lisa has authored novels & game supplements in the D&D worlds of Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft!

Check out all her amazing work HERE!

November 2020
Thanks for entering the Immortal brush miniature painting contest!
Check out all the entries at the STRATEGIES Games & Hobbies Facebook page.
-On Thursday November 26th we will announce the winners by email and Facebook.
-On Monday November 30th we will email random draw winners.
THANKS for participating in the annual Immortal Brush Painting Contest!

Below are pictures of the winning entries