3878 Main Street (@ 23rd) Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mon-Wed: 11-6, Thurs-Fri: 11-9, Sat: 10-6, Sun: 11-5
Check back often for our updated Events Schedule.




Board Game Night 
(Games Start at 6pm)
Drop into a game or show up with your favourite game and recruit some people to play. We have lots of open games for you to try. Swing on by and get in on the fun!


X-Wing Game Night 5:30pm to 9pm
-Our tables are open to play Star Wars X-Wing.
-Bring down 200pts and get in on the action! 

Age of Sigmar Painting Challenge.
Your painting goal is a "Warscroll" (any unit).
You must show staff your completed models by July 31st.
Stop by the shop and ask staff for Painting Challenge details

Friday July 19th, 7:00pm
Board Game night
Stop by to play Kingdomino.
New and veteran players are welcome to play.

Sunday July 21st, 12pm
Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game
Siege Day!
You will need.
-A painted 600pt defender force.
-A painted 800pt attacker force.
Ask staff for more details.

Saturday July 27th
Everchosen Miniature Painting Contest.
-Model drop off. Friday July 26th 11am – 9pm, OR Saturday
July 27th 10am – 12pm.
-Voting: Saturday July 27th 12pm-4pm.
-Awards: Saturday July 27th 4:15pm.
-Pick-up your models Saturday July 27th 4:15pm -5:45pm
Stop by the shop and ask staff for more details.

Sunday July 28th, 12pm
Age of Sigmar Painting Challenge Event.
Bring down a painted 1000 point force.
We will be using the rules from General's Handbook 2019.
(this event date was changed from Saturday)

Friday August 2nd, 7:00pm
Board Game night
Stop by to play Catan.
New and veteran players are welcome to play.

Monday August 5th, 12:15pm to 4pm
Dungeons & Dragons
Sign up to play a one-shot of Dungeons & Dragons.
-Characters provided
-You will need a print copy of the Players Handbook and dice to participate. 
-Sign up by email. (Please sign up only if you know you can make it)

Saturday August 24th, 10am to 5pm
Age of Sigmar tournament
You will need the following items.
-1000pt fully painted force.
-Generals Handbook 2019 (we will be using the Meeting Engagement rules)
Sign up in advance $10.

November Saturday 9th.
Immortal Brush Miniature Painting Contest.
Details coming soon.