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March - July
Warhammer 40k paint Challenge.
Every month there will be painting goals to be met, and each month will wrap-up with a game day using all the models painted in the campaign thus far. When you meet that month's goal bring in your models to the shop and show them off to the staff. Completing a goal gets you a check mark on our progress tracker. You'll also get check marks for attending the monthly game days, and buying certain items. At the end of the campaign every check mark will give you a ballot in one of our raffles for prizes. 
-Stop by the shop to sign up.
-March paint goal: 1 HQ & 1 Troop.

April 2020
Warhammer 40k paint Challenge.
You may choose any unit to paint for your force.

Saturday April 25th, 11am
40k Painting Challenge Event.
Bring down your painted: 1 HQ, 1 Troop & any unit.